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The plants really are the stars in any garden. Our simplistic approach creates breathtaking gardens for our clients. We source the highest quality plants available which in turn brings the best results. There are many different types of gardens such as: modern/contemporary, drought tolerant, meadow garden, english garden, and colour themed, formal, curvilinear, or geometric. Modern/contemporary gardens are simplistic consisting of a low palette of plants. They have a controlled and organized appearance, drifts of colour and mirror-image garden beds. Modern/contemporary gardens often rely on hardscaping and structural elements to achieve its modern look. Three important steps to creating a successful drought tolerant garden are soil improvement, compost, and mulch. Plants that only need to be watered twice a week to be established should be used in the gardens. Container plants which you can water efficiently, are a great look and you save water. Meadow gardens are naturalistic and wild with masses of grasses and flowers. The plant palette in a meadow garden is picked to make the garden feel airy and relaxed. The english garden relies heavily upon geometry. Walkways are centered, and circles and rectangular shapes combine to give the landscape a sense of order. However, english gardens also have a softness to them from the use of flowering annuals and perennials.

Whenever possible, we try and use native plants to help promote biodiversity and natural ecosystems. Most people our busy in their everyday lives and want to spend their time outdoors relaxing. We promote easy to maintain garden beds which is better for our environment and easier on our clients.