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Our Process

When working with new clients, you really have to get to know them. When creating a beautiful space for someone, you need to know how they’re going to live in that space and use that space. So there is a real collaboration between the client and ourselves which brings a really good result.

The design process starts with a complimentary consultation taking into account your wish-list. What are your needs? What is important to you, your home and your outdoor environment? This consultation also gives the designer a chance to view the site and its demands. After our consultation, we schedule an on-site analysis allowing us to take measurements, elevation shots, photos, and review any issues of the terrain. With the information gained from our on-site analysis, we then create concept plans for the project. This is a great opportunity for the client to give their input and any revisions they might have before the final plan is drawn. We also go through the materials and construction details of the job during the concept plan phase. A scope of work is created for our client with an estimated cost of the job. A final design is then created with all the materials in order for the job and we can now begin scheduling for construction. During our construction phase, we take care of all the materials, ordering, building permits, utility locates, and specialty trades putting you at ease. Our crews our on site all day making it happen. At the end of each day, we perform a big cleanup which keeps your site livable and the neighbours happy. Once the installation is complete, a final assessment of the project is performed. We’ll do a walk-through of the project together which we can then answer any questions you might have. We also go over how to maintain your new property and set up any maintenance services you may desire. We are now able to take photos of the beautiful work and add it to our gallery.